Why MC3D

MC3D exists to service as the bridge between taking a concept idea to reality


We exist to develop successful prototypes & working concepts for our client’s applications.

We are a professional engineering firm who provides designs and services for clients looking to take their product to manufacturing. Whether starting from a blank slate & creating a fully manufactured item, to creating a variety of drawings for technical documentation, to developing 3D printed prototype, or supplying consulting advice & project management, we are the engineering firm who can provide the needed services to our clients.

Our Focus

Our goal is to provide the functional mechanical design in conjunction with efficient project management services.  We can assist with product support and development through all product design applications.

engineering firm

knowledge of the manufacturing processes

Using our knowledge of manufacturing processes, MC3D can advise to the proper methods & options to create tangible finished goods. We provide excellent engineering services and add value to designs using our developed three dimensional designs.  Starting from a blank page and creating a working design excites us.