Case Studies

Neptune’s Gardens

An investment group approached our firm to create an enclosed watering system.

Goal was to create a sealed system with modular capabilities to be set up in a variety of spaces.

We were tasked to supply a working assembly.

This assembly was to mold plastic components, source connection hardware, supply 2D drawings with dimensions specified for production, supplying patent drawing documents, and associated project tasks

Our firm worked closely with the customer to define the specifics of known entities and rough prototype concept.

We quickly reverse engineered the design and optimized the plastic components for specific molding processes. Our firm created working prototypes to proof the concept while also working with manufacturing vendors to provide mold and manufactured costs.

3D models usage

Using the 3D models, MC3D supplied the necessary rendered images, video, and technical documentation for proper media & advertising. We now manage the design of all components and oversee communications with vendors.