Case Studies


The client approached our firm needing a developed 3D model based on their preliminary hand sketches and very rough hand-made prototype.

The goals for the project included developing a detailed 3D model, create 2D drawings for manufacturing, provide technical documentation & several figures for patent application, a working prototype to be used in the field, and eventually an approved design to be sent to manufacturers for injection molding.

We first worked closely with the client to engineer 3D models for each component to create a working digital assembly.

Using the developed 3D assembly model, parts were sent to 3D printing machine to create tangible parts for a working prototype to be field tested. A working assembly of parts were created using standard off the shelf components and the 3D printed components.

The client was able to articulate the moving components for various size apparatus to be used and was able to use the device successfully for field testing.

The client provided feedback for adjustments upon using the device for field testing. The prototype adjustments were applied to the 3D models respectively and a new 3D printed version was generated for approval testing.

Simultaneous to the testing, we created technical documentation & patent illustrations for device submission of respective features.

Ultimately the client was able to complete the project goals within a reasonable time-line & create an approved working design that was manufacturing ready.